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Woodworkers are collaborating on a build at the Rubio Monocoat Atelier in Belgium where over 20 woodworkers gathered to create furniture for Aynimundo, a Peruvian charity.

Rubio Monocoat Atelier 2024

Rubio Monocoat Atelier 2024


Three teams of woodworkers from all around the world gathered in Brugges, Belgium for the second edition of the Rubio Monocoat Atelier on June 5-6, 2024. 

At the first Rubio Monocoat Atelier in 2022, the focus was on two teams crafting interior furniture to be auctioned off to benefit Aynimundo, a Peruvian charity dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Peruvian children with disabilities. This time, a twist was put on the event!

The children of Aynimundo submitted drawings of outdoor furniture they wished to receive for their exterior spaces. Before the event, the makers got to work designing the perfect pieces for the children, that were not only extremely safe, but also were able to be packed flat for shipping halfway across the world. 

And what would be a Rubio Monocoat build-off challenge without being on a time crunch? The makers had less than two days to complete the challenge!

Meet the Teams

Team One:

Chris Huguet
Alma Rosa Villalobos
Valérie Dewilde
Jesper Kjaergaard
Jannis Papadakis
Thijmen Schoenmakers
Mauro Pinato
Saskia Van den Berghe

Team one posing with their bench build at the 2024 Rubio Monocoat Atelier.

Team three stands with their picnic table and bench at the Rubio Monocoat Atelier.

Check Out the Builds

Bringing the children's dreams to life was the top priority of the makers, while also keeping in mind the tight timeline they were facing. 

After studying the drawings provided by Aynimundo, the children really needed benches and tables that would make their outdoor spaces more comfortable and functional. 

Each team came up with their own unique design based on their project type. All of the builds were finished using the recently launched DuroGrit, a long-lasting exterior wood finish for any outdoor wood project. The color range of the product includes earthy tones as well as more vibrant tones, perfect for the children's outdoor furniture being built!

Team 1

The members of Team 1 crafted a bench from cumaru wood. Carved on the seat back is the charity’s name the furniture will benefit, Aynimundo. Also included in the bench are two flower boxes on either side. The makers finished the bench with DuroGrit “Salt Lake Green” and “Rocky Umber”.

A woodworker is adjusting the back of a bench made at the Rubio Monocoat Atelier that reads "Aynimundo".
Team one from the Rubio Monocoat Atelier standing behind their bench they made from cumaru wood and finished with DuroGrit Salt Lake Green and Rocky Umber.
A woodworker is touching up a DuroGrit application at the Rubio Monocoat Atelier.

Team 2

Team 2’s build was a large bench with alternating backless and slatted-back seating! It was also made entirely from cumaru wood. The DuroGrit colors chosen to finish it were “Rocky Umber” and “Rubio Monocoat Green”.

A modern wood bench crafted by woodworkers for the children of Aynimundo and the Rubio Monocoat Atelier.
A modern bench featuring slatted back seating made from cumaru wood and finished with Rubio Monocoat DuroGrit exterior wood finish.

Team 3

The build for Team 3 was a modern take on a picnic table. The top is asymmetrical and even features a carved detail where the children can place pencils and other small objects to help keep them from rolling off the table. The base of the picnic table was made from pressure-treated pine finished with DuroGrit “Rubio Monocoat Green” and the top was made from cumaru and finished with the color “Rocky Umber”.

A handmade picnic table finished with DuroGrit in the colors Rubio Monocoat Green and Rocky Umber..
A picnic table and small bench made from cumaru and pressure treated pine wood at the Rubio Monocoat Atelier.
The top of a picnic table made from cumaru wood finished with DuroGrit exterior wood finish.

About Aynumundo

Based in Lima, Peru, Aynimundo supports local communities with a primary focus on education and urban development. Rubio Monocoat was first introduced to Aynimundo through a colleague who has personally helped with their projects and operations before.

The organization strives to give disabled children access to healthcare and a quality education, and ultimately, reintegrate them into society.

Through promoting the acceptance of family, society, as well as the educational system, Aynimundo helps fight discrimination. Another way they support these children is by educating teachers and the community about disabilities. 

Children apart of Aynimundo, a Peruvian charity, gather in a circle.