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Molecular Bonding

Rubio Monocoat oil adheres, within just a couple of minutes, to the topmost fibers of the wood through a unique molecular bonding technology. Due to this molecular bonding technology, a durable finish that keeps the woods natural look and feel is achieved. No more need for building up plastic layers on the surface of the wood, as with traditional polyurethanes. Additionally, unlike traditional waxes and oils, there is no need to continually apply additional oil to the wood.

Comparison against common finish types

  • Traditional wood varnish and the build it has on top of the wood surface

    Polyurethane & varnish

    • film formation
    • multiple layers (intermediate sanding)
    • not restorable
    • does not have the natural look & feel
  • Traditional wood oils and perpetual penetration of the wood fibers

    Traditional waxes & oils

    • continuous saturation
    • multiple layers
    • difficult to restore (overlaps)
    • maintenance intensive
  • Rubio Monocoat's molecular bonding oil wood finish technology diagram

    Rubio Monocoat oil

    • molecular bonding
    • no film formation
    • only 1 layer needed
    • easy maintenance
    • keeps the natural look & feel of the wood

Rubio Monocoat Technology