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PhilanthroMake 2023: Charity build-off revamped

PhilanthroMake 2023: Charity build-off revamped

PhilanthroMake 2023: Charity build-off revamped

Two teams, one goal: build incredible works of art for a cause.

Rubio Monocoat, in partnership with Festool USA and Shaper Tools, put on PhilanthroMake, an event combining craftsmanship, camaraderie, and charity which took place October 18-19, 2023 at Austin School of Furniture. Two teams of esteemed woodworkers put together a total of three builds to benefit Aynimundo and the Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund.

The teams of makers were led by Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth Woodworking and Lucas Jablonski of Lighthouse Woodworks, who were participants in past Rubio Monocoat charity build-off events.

“PhilanthroMake is such an amazing experience. The community, the friends, the people at Rubio Monocoat, the people at Festool, the people at Shaper, it’s just like a family reunion,” said Jablonski. “Everyone is coming together for an awesome cause and that makes it so much better.”

The giveaway is currently open and will run through October 31, 2023, with a winner for each build being chosen November 1, 2023. For each entry received, Rubio Monocoat USA, Festool USA, and Katz-Moses Tools will donate one dollar each, up to $2,500, and Shaper Tools will donate one dollar up to $1,000.

To further support the charities, Brett Cope of Cascade Create donated complete build plans for each piece. The plans are available to purchase for $10 each and will also add an additional 25 entries for each set of plans purchased to the buyer’s giveaway entry tally. 100% of proceeds from plans purchased will benefit the charities.

The Teams

Team Bourbon Moth:

Jason Hibbs
Omar Lewis
Jen Woodhouse
Cameron Fulton
Mary Tsai
Casey Clark
Scott Leming
Derek Walker

Team Bourbon Moth poses with their build.

Team Lighthouse Woodworks poses with their build.

The Builds

White Oak Console

Team Bourbon Moth crafted a contemporary console table with a stadium-shaped top, swooping curves, and smooth rounded-over edges. The team used solid white oak for their entire piece and chose a bold black finish to accentuate the striking yet soft detail of their design. To achieve this, they used Precolor Easy "Intense Black" and Oil Plus 2C "Black".


White oak console table finished with Rubio Monocoat

Walnut Credenza

Team Lighthouse Woodworks produced a mid-century-inspired credenza implementing a variety of elements decided upon by each team member’s specialty or interest. The piece features a tambour door, skateboard wood in various areas of the project, and carved wood drawer pulls and legs resembling tree roots, all made from walnut. The entire piece was finished with Oil Plus 2C "Pure".

Walnut credenza finished with Rubio Monocoat

Keepsake Box

As an additional surprise third project, Cameron Fulton of Cam’s Cornershop and Evan Sklar of Evan’s Workshop were challenged to build a third project from the excess scrap wood used in the main team builds. The next-gen woodworkers decided upon a keepsake box made using walnut and white oak scraps. Also incorporated into the piece were hand-turned skateboard wood drawer knobs complete with an inlaid walnut center. Evan and Cameron chose to finish their build with Oil Plus 2C in the color "Pure".

Keepsake box made from walnut, white oak and skateboard wood.

The Charities


Aynimundo is an organization based in Lima, Peru. It supports local communities with a focus on education and urban development. The goal of this organization is to give disabled children access to healthcare and a quality education, then ultimately, reintegrate them into society. Aynimundo also helps fight discrimination against these disabled children through promoting acceptance of family, society and the educational system. They also assist in educating teachers and the community about disabilities. 

Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund

The Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund (KMWDF) is a non-profit that proudly supports woodworkers who have physical and mental disabilities by providing the resources they need to grow their hobby, craft or business.

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