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Group photo of all makers from the Rubio Monocoat USA and Festool USA Maker Challenge

Rubio Monocoat USA and Festool USA Maker Challenge: April 2022

Rubio Monocoat USA and Festool USA Maker Challenge: April 2022


The Rubio Monocoat USA and Festool USA Maker Challenge is an opportunity for several hand-selected makers to get together, showcase their talents, and create beautiful pieces to be auctioned off to benefit a cause.

This year, the cause was a no-brainer. Nathanael, the youngest member of the Jablonski family, was born with a condition called CHARGE Syndrome. Nathanael's parents, Faith and Lucas Jablonski of Lighthouse Woodworks, are no strangers to hard times. Faith recently beat cancer and the incredible woodworking community rallied around them with support while they were fighting that battle.

Fast forward, little Nathanael was born in late 2021 and his treatment and various visits to the hospital since birth has been extremely hard on the Jablonskis. They have held so steadfast with the overwhelming support from family, friends and the maker community.

At the challenge, 14 makers were split into two teams and went head-to-head. They had just 12 hours to plan, construct and finish these pieces. As soon as they arrived at Rubio Monocoat USA headquarters, they hit the ground running, after all, there was no time to waste.

We are extremely grateful to several companies including, the Wood Shed, Berdoll Sawmill, Harvest Lumber CoWoodpeckers, Bessey Tools and Lee Valley Tools who donated materials of which helped ensure the success of the school. 

Meet the Makers

Team 1

Ryan Rademacher

Amanda Russell

Char Miller-King

Jef Behnke

Daniel Dunlap

Peter Capar

Scott Couch

Team one poses with their build


Team 2

Nolan Thompson

Mike Coffey

Lindsay Zuelich

Ronnie Fulton

Jess Behnke

Erik Curtis

Ben Paik

Team two poses with their build.

The Pieces

The Old Fashioned

The makers of Team 1 put their heads together and designed a beautiful, continuous grain bar-height piece made from a walnut slab. Opposite the waterfall, a geometric white oak support was added to give some contrast to the dark walnut. Two matching white oak stools were also created to make this set! The stools nest into the base when not in use. The walnut was finished with Oil Plus 2C "Black" and the white oak in this piece was finished with Oil Plus 2C "DC Smoke."

Bar height waterfall edge build

The Amsterdam

You’ll always have something to talk about around this coffee table! Between the waterfall walnut slab, colorful X inlays, white oak reveal and funky leg support, the makers of this piece left no detail out. The walnut here was finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C "Pure." The white oak reveal was finished with Oil Plus 2C "White."

Unique waterfall coffee table

Auction Details

To bid, click here. Auction will close on May 14, 2022 at 8 PM CST.