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Polyurethane alternative (2 products)

Avoid building up multiple layers of plastic over your wood surface. Oil Plus 2C combined with SheenPlus is a polyurethane alternative with the following advantages: eco-friendly, can be locally repaired, no need for intercoat abrasion, no need for sanding prior to recoat. Keep the look and feel of real wood but with an added luster. 

Simply apply Oil Plus 2C in the color of your choice, then apply SheenPlus to give it a long lasting sheen. Both products are easy to apply and maintain, 0% VOC,  safe for the user and environment, and loved by hobbyist and professionals alike!

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  • Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C - 350 ML
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    Oil Plus 2C - 350 mL

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  • Rubio Monocoat SheenPlus 350 Milliliter Rubio Monocoat SheenPlus 130 Milliliter
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  • Someone working on a project, using Rubio Monocoat's interior wood finish, Oil Plus 2C wood oil.

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