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Under - restaurant

Project Information

Year: 2019

Location: Lindesnes, Norway

Category: Commercial

Type: Flooring, Millwork, Furniture





Project Description

Under - restaurant

The world’s largest under water restaurant
Have you always dreamed of dining in an unusual spot? Do you love Norway and it’s stunning nature? Then we found the perfect match for you! The world’s largest under water restaurant has been built in the southern tip of Norway, on the bottom of the sea.

The design of the restaurant “Under” is an architectural masterpiece! The spectacular building was designed by Snøhetta. It’s a 110 feet high concrete construction that is half-sunken into the icy waters of the Lindesnes, over 16 feet under sea-level. 

When you step into the restaurant, your unique undersea journey begins. Here you can descend all the way to a depth of over 16 feet without a diving suit. Just walk down the stairs. At the mesanin there is a bar with a relax area where guest can sit before and after the meal.

Down in the restaurant, the notion of an "ocean view" takes on a whole new meaning. There, a huge glass wall will give you a unique insight into the bustling life in the sea (Skagerrak) outside. You will get to watch all sorts of fish species swim by, depending on the time of year. Normal fish species in this area is pollack and cod, colorful wrasses, urchins, crabs, lobsters in gladiator battles, spiny dogfish (i.e. mini sharks) and distinctive seaweed and kelp in the changing seasons... How special is that?

Of course, the restaurant experience is not just about the fish that swim by outside. The fish and seafood that is served on your plate is a very important ingredient. Naturally, there will be an excellent selection of seafood at Under. But you also have the option of tasting seabirds and wild sheep that have grazed in the archipelago nearby.

Interior design 
The interior design of Under is also a pleasure for the eye and we at Rubio Monocoat are very proud to be part of it.

In close collaboration with Hamran, a local carpentry workshop, that has cultivated its renowned craftsmanship since 1930, the wall, roof, and floor are all clad in locally harvested Norwegian oak. Further, a furniture series was designed exclusively for the restaurant, with a chair as the central artifact. All the wood has been protected with Rubio Monocoat.

Janne R. Werdal at Hamran tells us that the idea of the whole project was "taking the nature with us inside."

"Rubio Monocoat is the best choice here because it maintains the natural look of the wood, after application. Plus it results in a surface that can withstand the intense use that is typical for a restaurant."

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