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Renovation woodwork bench

Project Information

Year: 2018

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Category: Residential

Type: Furniture


Kenosis Design

Project Description

Renovation woodwork bench

A second life for an old woodwork bench.

Renovating wooden furniture can serve several purposes: renovating to renew, renovating to create a new look, renovating to protect from further deterioration, etc. Whatever the intention may be, there is always only one thing at the basis of renovating wooden furniture: a good oil. Kenosis Design was also aware of that when they decided to give a new life to an old woodwork bench. They were looking for the best oil suitable for outdoor furniture, which led them to Rubio Monocoat. The ideal partner to restore an old workbench with a lot of roughness and details to an outside piece of furniture to put on a renowned rooftop restaurant in the heart of Bucharest. This destination is not entirely by accident, as the wooden workbench was inherited by Adi Hadean: a famous Romanian chef, jury member of MasterChef Romania and owner of the restaurant ‘Attic lab’. You could say it’s the Gordon Ramsey of Romania.

Renovating is always a slow and delicate process. There is no simple guide to follow, each project is unique with each time a custom treatment. Kenosis Design chose to carefully disassemble the table, to sand it entirely, put it back together and subsequently oil it with Rubio Monocoat. The oil did exactly what it promised according to Kenosis Design: “it protects the wood and gives it a new warm character.” Thanks to this renovation the workbench can serve as a functional showpiece again for years to come. The old woodwork bench is now an eye-catcher, which holds all of the chef’s spices.
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