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7 New Interior Colors!

7 New Interior Colors!

7 New Interior Colors!


7 New Colors

Rubio Monocoat USA is excited to announce the release of 7 new colors. The 7 new colors are being added to the existing 48 colors in our Oil Plus 2C interior line. This brings our total standard color options to 55 colors of unique hardwax oil!

Each of the colors will maintain our 0% VOC, single coat, solvent free, water free, and ease of use characteristics that you've come to love. The new colors come in our standard container sizes. 

Please find a list of the new color names below.

Oil Plus 2C - Cinnamon Brown
Oil Plus 2C - Midnight Indigo
Oil Plus 2C - Morning Mist
Oil Plus 2C - Nordic Blue
Oil Plus 2C - Peacock Green
Oil Plus 2C - Touch of Gold
Oil Plus 2C - Velvet Green

To see the new colors, please visit our Oil Plus 2C colors page. 

NOTE: Due to heavy pigmentation, the 7 new colors must be used with Part B to ensure a full cure.