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Toddler Learning Tower

Project Information

Year: 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Category: Residential

Type: Misc


Species: Birch


Project Description

Toddler Learning Tower

All in one thanks to the learning tower with chalkboard, chair, steps, table, …

A learning tower is a great tool for every family. They not only foster independence but also offer fantastic functionality. Children can learn from their parents by simply climbing onto the safe stool and watching along. Anna from Barcelona devised a version of the learning tower which allows it to be transformed into a chalkboard, chair, table and more. She wanted to protect her creations with a childproof wood finish. Considering the Food Contact Compliance and Toy Safety certificates, Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C was the logical choice!

How it started

Anna and her husband have always been drawn to wood, and in 2017 they started working with it themselves. They taught themselves the craft and started their own furniture business, Liken Wood. When their daughter Ona was born in 2020, they wanted to include her in their love of wood. Anna started designing specific furniture for her daughter and came up with her convenient learning tower, the Cyathea.

The learning tower: child-friendly, ecological & convenient

Everything about the learning tower is thoughtful and child-friendly. There are no sharp corners, only rounded edges. The tower does not contain any screws and is only made from wooden elements. There is an anti-slip protection and an adjustable safety bar. The learning tower can be transformed into a table for drawing, handy ladder for brushing teeth in the bathroom and more—the functionality is endless.  

In addition, the Cyathea is also ecological. After all, only FSC certified wood is used. This wood comes from forests with responsible and sustainable management. Rubio Monocoat's hardwax oil wood finish adds to the eco-friendly factor of this product as it contains 0% VOC, has a very low consumption and is produced as ecologically as possible.

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Oil Plus 2C is certified safe for use on children's toys!