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The Buckley Apartment

Project Information

Year: 2023

Location: Singapore

Category: Residential

Type: Flooring, Furniture, Cabinetry



Species: Teak, Ash, Exotic (Misc)

Project Description

The Buckley Apartment

The Buckley Apartment is a warm, welcoming home with luxury elements and a modern feel. It features a contemporary kitchen complete with cabinetry made from ash and finished with Oil Plus 2C "Castle Brown". 

The teak flooring finished with Oil Plus 2C "Black" makes the home feel so inviting!

In the master bedroom, you will find a slatted ash wardrobe which really makes a statement! This piece was also finished with Oil Plus 2C "Black".

The kids' bedroom contains an ash wardrobe and desk finished with Oil Plus 2C "Castle Brown".

If you step outside, you will also find a dining table made from balau. This piece was finished with Hybrid Wood Protector "Pure" to allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine!

Copyright: All images are photographed by and property of Studio Periphery.

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