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The Barbecue Store

Project Information

Year: 2017

Location: Lima, Peru

Category: Residential

Type: Millwork


Yohanna Vílchez O.


Species: Exotic (Misc)

Project Description

The Barbecue Store

At The Barbecue Store in Lima, they know all about good grilling and sizzling hot steaks, but they also know how important it is to have that special area to do all of this. A terrace or special barbecue area in the house, TBS helps you out with your special space to wine and dine just like you always wanted with your friends and family.

The “Sun Roof” project, designed by architect Johanna Vílchez O. is a multifunctional space, perfect to invite your family or a big group of friends. Ideal to just hang out and catch up, but even more perfect to throw that steak on the grill and enjoy a lovely meal.

They have chosen to use Huayruro wood for this project. The combination of this reddish brown type of wood with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector oil gives this area a rustic and still very exotic look and feel.
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