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Tea Cabinets

Project Information

Year: 2023

Location: Singapore

Category: Residential

Type: Misc

Species: Maple, Walnut, Beech, Ash, Cherry

Project Description

Tea Cabinets

The Tea Cabinets from Jiawood and Mokko Wood Studio were inspired by Japan and are all unique one-offs. They were handcrafted, hand-planed, and made with traditional joinery techniques.

Made from ash and cherry, the Sunset in Mountain Valley Cabinet honors the mountains around Kyoto. The left and right are higher than the middle and represent two mountains with a valley in between. The two half arches in the sliding drawers in the middle serve as the sun rising and setting behind the mountains. These were made with the kumiko technique, a Japanese way of joining wooden pieces without using nails.

The Moon & Clouds Cabinet was designed with an interior lamp to resemble the moon's silhouette. When the cabinet is closed and the screen is in front of the lamp, it looks like the clouds have moved in front of the moon. It was made from cherry, walnut, and maple wood. 

The Garden Wall Cabinet is inspired by one of Japan’s most famous rock gardens: Ryoanji Zen Temple. The bottom of the cabinet is made of walnut drawers and represents the garden wall. The kumiko slats at the top are maple wood and are a visualization of the trees growing behind the wall.

All three tea cabinets were finished using Oil Plus 2C in the color "Pure".

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