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  • Different wood finish sheen levels.

    Wood finish sheens

    What is sheen or gloss? Wood sheen and gloss terminology are often used interchangeably, but they are actually different. Sheen levels can be thought of as categories that house varying levels of...

  • Air drying live edge slabs to mitigate moisture issues.

    Wood and Moisture

    This blog article will look deeper into the affect that moisture has on interior wood finishing surfaces like hardwood floors and wood furniture. You may experience issues with wood under...

  • Rubio Monocoat Pure vs Natural

    Pure vs. Natural

    Choosing the correct wood finish color can be a fun yet challenging process. Today we are going to address the difference between Rubio Monocoat colors Pure and Natural. Simply put,...

  • Is Rubio Monocoat worth it?

    Is Rubio Monocoat worth it?

    As you begin to consider the best wood finish for your project, you may ask yourself, is Rubio Monocoat worth it? That question depends on what feature you look at...

  • Barefoot woman in a sweater and blue jeans sitting on VOC free hardwood floor.

    What are VOCs?

    VOC is the abbreviation for “Volatile Organic Compounds." Volatile Organic Compounds is a generic term for chemical substances that evaporate into the air. Organic refers to the chemical composition of...