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Classico Barbershop

Project Information

Year: 2021

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Category: Commercial

Type: Cabinetry, Misc


Species: Oak (White)

Project Description

Classico Barbershop

This classic barbershop got a razor-sharp finish thanks to Rubio Monocoat
Getting a haircut in a cozy setting? That calls for the Classico Barbershop by Navid Omary! This classic barbershop is located in Odessa in Ukraine and radiates coziness. While designing his shop, Navid made a conscious choice for wood. That way he maintains the authentic look of his shop. The products of Rubio Monocoat eventually ensured the ultimate razor-sharp finish.

The barbershop

A stylish haircut, that deserves a stylish barbershop as well. For owner Navid Omary, it was extremely important that his Classico Barbershop looked sharp as a knife. This barbershop is the second one that Navid opened in Odessa. Together with WoodStore Studio he set up his shop the way he wanted to.

The brick walls and rough ceilings give the interior an industrial and even rough feel. The many industrial lamps reinforce this effect. At the same time the lamps emit a soft glow, bathing the whole in a warm light. Thanks to this light, the striking and colorful mural comes out really well. Moreover, customers can settle down in the Chesterfield-style leather armchairs while waiting. A classic barber’s pole with red, white and blue is of course also present. Finally, the wooden interior completes the cozy barbershop.

It all started with a cup of coffee...

The full Classico Barbershop experience naturally includes a cup of coffee for the customer as well. It was precisely for this reason that the collaboration with Rubio Monocoat began in 2018. Navid got to know Rubio Monocoat through Instagram and ordered wooden serving trays for coffee, treated with our Oil Plus 2C. The ash wood was treated with the color "Chocolate." Two years later, a completely convinced Navid contacted Rubio Monocoat Ukraine again. This time it was about the interior of his new barbershop. The furniture was chosen mutually and there was no doubt whatsoever about the color: it had to be "Chocolate" again. The result is definitely worth it!

Rubio Monocoat finishing was cut out for the job!

The interior of the Classico Barbershop consists of East European oak. Rubio Monocoat Cleaner was used to optimally prepare the wood for treatment with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C. The wood was then given a coat of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C in the color "Chocolate." The wood was then refreshed with the maintenance product Rubio Monocoat Refresh Eco. That the combination of the Rubio Monocoat treatment and maintenance was cut out for the job, becomes immediately clear after one glance at the pictures. The barbershop has become a real gem and we can therefore call this a more than successful project!

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Oil Plus 2C is suitable for commercial applications!