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Rubio Monocoat has been helping flooring contractors and manufacturers in the USA since 2007. Rubio Monocoat offers a unique hardwax oil wood finish that provides color (if desired) and protection for wood flooring in one single layer, all while keeping the natural look and feel of the wood.

What makes Rubio Monocoat different?


High quality and environmentally friendly, Rubio Monocoat finish provides durable protection in one single layer. 50+ unique colors apply without overlaps. 100% solid product composition is easy to maintain and repair.

Molecular Bonding

Rubio Monocoat forms a molecular bond with the topmost fibers of the wood, in just a couple minutes. Full saturation on the first application means a finish in 1 single layer, meaning no returning for abrasion and multiple applications.

0% VOC

During development phase of the Rubio Monocoat system, 3 years before the first VOC legislation had come into effect, the bar was set significantly high in the area of emission. Not low VOC, but a clear statement about oil that is 0% VOC.


Rubio Monocoat boasts many certifications, including the first-in-class Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Label. Additional certifications like 0% VOC, Food Contact Compliance, and Toy Standard further show a quality product.

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